Crisis Management Training helps develop the skills needed to oversee a crisis situation. Those tasked with managing the scene will be equipped with the tools needed to understand the roles and responsibilities of all members of the crisis team (e.g., evidence recover, negotiators, tactical response unit and support staff), outline a strategy for obtaining information from all parties and better understand how to devise a plan of action to manage the crisis.

This one day course is designed to provide law enforcement managers with the skills necessary to manage a crisis situation. The course outline:
• Define “action imperative”.
• Describe the types of incidents.
• Identify the types of threats.
• Identify the benefits of time.
• Define “crisis management triad”.
• Define the roles and responsibilities of team members.
• Describe the importance of respecting the subject’s perception of the incident.
• Outline decision making criteria.
• Role playing.
• Interactive scenarios.

This is an interactive course filled with demonstrations, discussion, lecture, role playing and interactive scenarios that will prepare the attendee for crisis management situations.