Don’t Let the Issues Go Any Longer
Listening Can Lead To Resolution

Mediation done through a confidential, informal and voluntary process by an impartial mediator facilitates communication between those in dispute. It is an opportunity for parties to express their differences, improve relations and mutual understanding in a safe, non-judgmental and creative environment. Participants in conflict are empowered to take the responsibility for resolving their own disagreements so that every aspect of the decision making process authority rests with the participants themselves. This type of open communication can help the parties develop mutually acceptable agreements to improve their future working relationships.

Bring Resolution with Minimal Conflict
Workout Your Differences Without Court Interference
Mutually Acceptable Resolutions

At a minimum, the benefit of using mediators as a first step in addressing and resolving workplace disputes gives each party a better understanding of the issues and problems of the dispute in a confidential, impartial and non-public venue. Mediation offers both parties the opportunity to resolve the dispute quickly, and it empowers each party by providing them a voice and role in determining the resolution.

Benefits of Mediation

  • Opportunity to address all the particular interests and needs of every participant involved
  • Costs less and saves time so parties can move ahead with their lives and get past their current conflict in the most effective, efficient and satisfying manner
  • Explores creative options independent of legal parameters
  • Reduces emotional and financial costs with peaceful alternatives
  • Compliance and satisfaction with mediated agreements are significantly higher than other dispute resolution processes
  • Confidentiality and the privacy of mediation allows parties to feel safe in disclosing information relating to their conflict
  • Convenience of scheduling flexible to the party’s needs
  • Allows for positions, attitudes and viewpoints to be transformed as communication and shared perspective taking occurs

At J. Artis Consulting, Inc. we realize that mediation is recognized as a crucial and cost-effective tool towards resolving some of the most common and difficult conflicts occurring in the workplace, including:

  • Work Performance
  • Discrimination
  • Compensation
  • Termination
  • Harassment
  • Discipline
  • Management

J. Artis Consulting helps change the quality of conflict interaction from negative and destructive to positive and constructive. The mediator helps both parties reach mutually agreed upon decisions based on an understanding of each other’s viewpoints.