Strengthening Links with Our Local Communities

J. Artis Consulting continues to engage with citizens towards our ongoing goal to strengthen and maintain a cooperative relationship between law enforcement agencies and the community they serve. We serve as a liaison between the parties to communicate and coordinate their activities and services.

With regard to community engagement, J. Artis Consulting’s main purpose is improving communications between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. We work with local community members and law enforcement entities to develop and foster positive relationships. The intended outcome would be an association conducive to positive communications, active listening and respect that in turn enhances the quality and overall effectiveness of community relations. Our company provides that missing link, liaison, which bridges that gap between the community at large and law enforcement agencies.

This cooperative arrangement would lay the groundwork for participants to work together to form a positive rapport, eliminate misunderstandings and build trust. J. Artis Consulting provides that bridge that leads to better living and working conditions for everyone.

As your liaison, J. Artis Consulting could:

  • Facilitate communications between both groups
  • Act as an official go-between for senior officials of each group
  • Coordinate with law enforcement personnel to provide timely and accurate answers to the citizens they serve
  • Provide community outreach to improve the organization’s public image
  •  Give safety presentations to community organizations and schools
  • Link organizations with the people they serve
  • Meet with police or politicians to advocate for the community residents on certain issues
  • Act as a focal point for each parties problems, questions or concerns
  • Work to improve problematic areas, neighborhoods or cities
  • Visit with citizens to increase crime awareness and prevention
  • Work to achieve the best utilization of resources of one organization by another
  • Recommend solutions

Allow J. Artis Consulting to be the human bridge that links law enforcement agencies with the people they serve.