Introduction to Crisis Negotiation

This training provides a powerful roadmap to officers interested in becoming crisis negotiators and tactical officers that need an introduction to the art of crisis negotiations. Attendees will be given the fundamentals of crisis negotiations and the tools necessary to establish negotiation operations centers and initiate and maintain communications with the person in crisis.  As the word “introduction” implies, this is step one towards training to become a crisis negotiator.

This two day course is designed to provide law enforcement officers with an introduction to crisis negotiations. The course outline:

• Define the philosophy of crisis negotiation.
• Define “active listening skills” and demonstrate how to utilize them.
• Identify the types of crisis situations that would necessitate a response.
• Define the techniques to be used based on the crisis.
• Define the positions and functions of each team member
• Role playing
• Active scenarios

This is an interactive course filled with demonstrations, discussion, lecture, role playing and real life scenarios that will prepare the attendee for crisis situations.