Crisis Intervention transforms the traditional role of the negotiator by developing the intervention skills needed to prevent the crisis from occurring.

This four hour course is designed to equip participants with the tools needed to identify potential crisis situations, recognize characteristics that could be attributed to a subject in crisis and identify and utilize the most effective methods to address the issue at hand. At the conclusion of this training, participants should be able to recognize indicators that might lead to a crisis, identify events that precipitate a crisis and be cognizant of general attributes that can be attributed to individuals in crisis. The course outline:
• Define the purpose of crisis intervention.
• Define a “crisis state”.
• Outline factors associated with an individual in crisis.
• Define common causes of a crisis.
• Identify the benefits of “time”.
• Explain the benefits of situational assessment.
• Discuss active listening skills.
• Outline the tools necessary to recognize indicators of a person in crisis.
• Interactive Scenarios.

This is an interactive course filled with demonstrations, lecture, and interactive scenarios that will develop the intervention skills of the attendee.