The Crisis is Over, Now Let’s Review

There is much to be learned from the response to a crisis situation. One important takeaway is that the responding agencies were well prepared. Many responders note that their preparation was due in large part to lessons learned from previous critical incident reports. This acknowledgement highlights the importance of documenting lessons learned, which can be of great value not only to the agency which experienced the event but to other agencies as well.

J. Artis Consulting speaks with a unique and objective voice. The focus and perspective of the crisis incident review would be on the whole scene rather than any single facet. By examining the response, we will provide your team with a report that provides additional lessons to be learned from all aspects of the event, including the aftermath. A detailed review can be of great value to a law enforcement agency, enabling significant improvement of policies, procedures, systems, and relationships. It can also help other groups in your agency prepare for similar incidents. Through after action assessments such as these your team can disseminate critical lessons learned to the entire agency, enabling comprehensive preparation and response and potentially saving lives.

The benefits of using an outside expert from J. Artis Consulting to review your scene include:

  • An impartial expert providing you with the feedback your team needs to grow
  • Reviews from independent experts given in a manner that places emphasis on learning and improvement instead of responsibility and fault
  •  Limiting conflict between team members by allowing a neutral party to assess the situation
  • Reassuring senior management that their team utilized the appropriate strategies when handling the crisis
  • Providing the team with a clear picture of the overall scene and the role that all team members played in the resolution
  • Providing opportunities for improvements that would help the team better handle situations in the future
  • Community confidence that the agency is striving for excellence

We all want that source of reassurance in those dark hours that law enforcement personnel, tactical teams and crisis negotiators will come together to prevent additional deaths and injuries. Let us help your crisis negotiation team grow. This will benefit your team and the community you serve.