What are some of the biggest challenges facing your team today?

J. Artis Consulting (JAC) presents an annual series of training events that explore strategic and tactical ways to better equip your staff when crisis negotiation, mediation or community engagement situations arise. In addition, JAC provides world-class experts who travel to your organization to deliver training programs tailored to your needs. J. Artis Consulting works closely with your team to identify key strengths, weaknesses, challenges and goals in order to create programs that focus on skills that drive success and create value.


  • Introduction to Crisis Negotiation
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Crisis Management
  • Crisis Negotiation Refresher
  • Color of Law
  • Cultural Diversity

In-House Training Customizer

Introduction to Crisis Negotiation

Introduction to Crisis Negotiation provides introductory training in crisis negotiations to law enforcement officers.

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Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention transforms the traditional role of the negotiator by developing the intervention skills needed to prevent the crisis from occurring.

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Crisis Management Training helps develop the skills needed to oversee a crisis situation.

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Color of Law Training outlines the federal laws regarding civil rights violations perpetrated by law enforcement officials…

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Crisis Negotiation Refresher

On one hand, Crisis Negotiation Refresher Training helps develop the skills of trained negotiators…

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Cultural Diversity Training helps develop the skills needed to better interact with a culturally diverse…

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